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National Vocation Awareness Week

All of us are called to the vocation of love for Jesus Christ. This love animates us to pursue a unique lifestyle that brings Christ to the world. Our vocation is a gift from God and his special way of having us serve others in this life with the hope of being with Him in the next.

Spend some time this week on how God might be calling you in your vocation. Are you willing to let him lead you, to surprise you, to lead you to a holiness you never thought possible? When we say yes to his plans we discover a peace and a joy that surpasses all understanding.

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National Vocation Awareness Week is November 5-11, 2023

Read Bishop Burbidge's Message for National Vocation Awareness Week



Learn more about those living out their vocations in our diocese:

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"We're all trying to find where God is leading us in this life...the first step is holiness."


CDA Live Stream Mass

"When God calls us to participate in the salvation of souls, he gives 100 to 1."

Download Vocations Resources

By our baptism, all Christians have a vocation to holiness that can be lived out in a variety of ways. Access resources below and on our website to aid your discernment process and pray for those currently discerning or living out their vocation. Order your own vocations materials to pray for and promote vocations!

Additional Vocation Resources