• Actively protecting tangible and intangible assets of the Diocese

Goals and Objectives


  • To reduce the Diocese of Arlington's exposure to risk through educated and thoughtful decision-making processes, immediate response to potential losses, implement appropriate transfer of risk, and thorough mitigation of losses.



  • To pursue open communication, cooperation, collaboration, and proactive management with administrators, trustees, officers, faculty, staff, volunteers, parishioners, students, and the public so that the entire community may work together to reduce risks for the benefit of the Diocese of Arlington.


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Claim Forms FC 640 480


• Diocesan Claim Reporting Brochure • Report of Auto Accident for Diocesan Vehicles • Diocesan Property Damage Report • Report of General Liability Claim • Workers’ Compensation Report • Student Injury Report • Volunteer Injury Report • COVID Reporting

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Risk Management Frequently Asked Questions

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The parish is buying a new/used car.  How do we show it will be insured? 

Contact the Office of Risk Management (ORM) before going to a dealership.  Once you have the informaon regarding make, model, and VIN number of the vehicle you are purchasing, complete a Vehicle Ownership Change form and email or fax to ORM. ORM will create a cerficate of insurance for the dealership.  This type of cerficate does not expire - Please keep a copy of the cerficate in the vehicle's glove compartment at all mes. 

The school has rented an off‐site location for student and/or faculty retreats. The rental location has asked for proof of insurance.  What do we do?  

Refer to the Office of Risk Management (ORM) form, Request Proof of Diocesan Insurance, for an explanation of what information is needed to provide non‐diocesan locations with the proof of insurance requested. Certificates of Insurance are legal documents; therefore, it is important to properly include all the essential information.  

A parishioner fainted during Mass. Does the Office of Risk Management need a report?  

It is always important to help an adult or child who faints in the church by gettng them medical assistance. Some parishes complete an incident report; however, it is not necessary to file an accident report.  

A volunteer fell while leading a group of students on a field trip. What do we do?  

The diocese has a program for sudden and accidental injury to students and volunteers while participating in a diocesan activity anywhere within the continental United States. A supervisor or school nurse should complete the Volunteer Accident  Report (revised July 2019) and submit within 48 hours of the injury to the Office of Risk Management. 

Do I need to be an authorized driver when I drive my personal vehicle to take students to a CYO game?

The diocese only requires people to be an Authorized Driver when driving parish/school owned or rented vehicles. It does not apply to personal vehicles. By law, the owner of the vehicle must insure their vehicle. If an accident happens while driving a personal vehicle, the diocese will not cover the physical damage incurred in the accident.

A strong storm caused a parish tree to fall on neighbor's fence. What should we do?

Immediately submit a Property Damage Report (revised November 2019) to the Office of Risk Management (ORM). Take pictures, complete the one-page report, and submit via email to ORM. After the first notice is received, ORM will provide more information.

Local garden club asked if they could have a meeting in our church. May we rent space to them?

Yes. Many parishes and school lease meeting rooms or their hall for private functions. All renters need to provide insurance for their function, including home-school groups, private birthday or anniversary parties, and local community meetings.  See Risk Management's Renters Liability page for more information.

The church has a leased postage meter, but the rental company has changed. How do we request an insurance certificate?

If you have a copy of the certificate of insurance sent to the original vendor, DO NOT contact the insurance broker listed on the certificate. Complete the Request Proof of Diocesan Insurance form and submit to the Office of Risk Management. A certificate of insurance will be emailed to the new company with a copy sent back to the church.

I oversee a summer camp at a Diocesan school. Do I need to purchase insurance?

If you are being paid by the school, then you don't need to purchase insurance to administer the summer camp.  However, if you are collecting fees, renting space from the school, and operating separately from the school administration, then you are an independent contractor and therefore required to provide proof of insurance. For a fee, the diocese can provide Renter's Liability insurance. See Risk Management's Renters Liability page for more information.