Papal Audiences

Papal Blessings and Audiences

Papal Blessings

What is a Papal Blessing?

The Holy Father offers blessings for Catholics for special occasions such as Baptisms, Confirmations, marriages, birthdays, and anniversaries. A general blessing from the Pope for no specific occasion may also be requested. Papal blessings come in the form of printed certificates or parchment with the name(s) of the recipient(s) and the occasion inscribed on them. Many people treasure these certificates as important symbols of sacraments and other special occasions.

How do I obtain a Papal Blessing Parchment?

Requests for papal blessings must be submitted directly to the Papal Charities Office in Vatican City, or directly through the website:

Papal Audiences

I am going to Rome and I want to see the Holy Father. Is that possible?

The Pope holds Papal Audiences at the Vatican most Wednesdays, tickets are necessary to see the Pope on these dates. Requests for tickets must be made at least three months in advance! If you are planning on making a trip to Rome, please start the process soon.

What is the process for requesting tickets to Papal Audiences?

Call your parish secretary. All requests must be signed by the pastor of the individual requesting the audience. A letter will be sent from the parish to the Chancery with the following information.

  • Full name, full address, phone, and e-mail of the individual(s) requesting the Papal Audience.
  • The parish in which they are registered.
  • Dates of arrival in and departure from Rome.
  • Optional-Address and phone number while in Rome.
  • Number of tickets requested.
  • Date they are requesting to attend the Papal Audience.
  • Option: Reason for visit

For more information about Papal Audiences and visiting Rome please see:

*Please note: The Papal Audience is held on Wednesdays and is subject to the Holy Father's health, travels and weekly schedule.