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Make your commitment to care for creation

Join our Diocesan family in caring for our common home by submitting a commitment. Click the button below to send us your pledge by committing to one of our ideas or crafting one of your own. 


Review this page to find ideas and explore ways to be a part of this holy work, then complete the pledge form.

Why pledge to act? 

We are called to help heal and protect God's gift of the earth, on which we depend for life. 

The Holy Father is calling on the universal church, and all people of good will, to unite in a seven-year commitment to learn and practice the teachings of Laudato Si' - his 2015 encyclical about the environment - and to stop the deterioration of our earthly home. Bishop Burbidge has committed our diocese to join in this worldwide effort. Let's each do our part to glorify God in His creation. 

I'll pledge to pray and convert my heart 

  • Say a weekly Rosary with meditations on God's creation.
  • Examine my conscience weekly regarding how I care for God's gift of creation. 
  • Talk to my pastor, offering to organize a parish Holy Hour or prayer service to pray for greater reverence and care for the earth.
  • Give thanks for the gift of food.


( how-to's and examples )


I'll pledge to learn more...

About what the Church teaches, and about the effects of environmental deterioration on the earth, on the poor, and on all human life.

  • Use a study guide to learn Church teaching - especially that of our Popes St. John Paul II, Pope Benedict and Pope Francis - about how we should live in relationship with creation.
  • Study provided resources to learn how pollution and changes in climate affect humans, especially the most vulnerable, as well as animals and plants.
  • Learn about ways to live in better harmony with the environment - by reducing plastic use at home, making better food choices, or by landscaping and gardening in harmony with nature.


( how-to's and examples )


I'll pledge to act...

Individually or with others, to live more sustainably and to seek policies that protect the environment.

  • Eat less meat - have one or two meatless meals a week.
  • Create a Mary garden to honor the Blessed Mother, using native plantings that thrive in Northern Virginia and help the environment.
  • Attend a quarterly meeting of the diocesan Creation Care Network to learn how to build a team to help my parish or school take better care of the environment. 


( how-to's and examples )


Prayer and Conversion of Heart: How-to's and examples

Video resource: Contemplate Mary as Queen of Creation with this meditation from Laudato Si' (CAFOD)


Prayer services especially for parishes and schools:


For Clergy: 


Learn: How-to's and examples


Learn about the effects of climate change and pollution on all of us - farmers, vulnerable people in affected lands, animals, and the earth itself.

Dangers to pregnant women, young children, and the unborn


The impact on farmers, and the connections between environmental degradation, violent conflict, and migration


The effect on our daily lives

Act: How-to's and examples

Get involved individually and with your family


Get your parish involved


Join with other people of faith