Diocesan statement on Butler family
press conference

August 23, 2017


Fr. Aitcheson fully acknowledges that the Butler family deserved and deserves an apology. Fr. Aitcheson is open to meeting with the Butlers privately, to address some of their rightly-held concerns and questions. Bishop Burbidge has offered to be present for that meeting. In the press conference, Mr. Butler said that he and his wife want closure. Our hope is that we can assist them in finding that closure.

The Diocese is encouraging Fr. Aitcheson to fulfill his legal and moral obligations to the Butler family.

The Butler family asked for the disclosure of names of any others who cooperated in the cross burning at their home. Fr. Aitcheson agrees to fully cooperate with law enforcement addressing details of this case that were not gathered previously.

A freelancer reporter, who introduced herself as a parishioner, contacted the Diocese and stated that she learned that Fr. Aitcheson’s legal name matched that of a man arrested in the 1970s. Fr. Aitcheson was approached about this, he acknowledged his past and saw the opportunity to tell his story in the hopes that others would see the possibility of conversion and repentance, especially given the context of what occurred in Charlottesville. The Diocese agreed to publish his account.


Media Contact:

Angela Pellerano
Director of Media Relations