Arlington Bishop says proposed changes to Fairfax County
public schools are ‘almost unbelievable’



“The direction we see in some of these institutions is denying the reality of biology, the reality of how we’re made.”  -Most Reverend Michael F. Burbidge, Bishop of the Diocese of Arlington


June 5, 2018

ARLINGTON, Va. – During a recent episode of The Walk Humbly Podcast, Most Reverend Michael F. Burbidge, Bishop of the Diocese of Arlington, expressed discontent at possible changes to what public school students in Fairfax County are taught. The recommendations made by the Family Life Education Curriculum Advisory Committee and going before the Fairfax County School Board June 14 obscure the truth about human biology, sexuality and family life.

The School Board is considering:

  • Using the phrase “sex assigned at birth” instead of “biological sex” to teach children that biology has no impact on being male or female
  • Teaching students about pre-exposure prophylaxis, a drug regimen not approved by the FDA for use by children under 18. Also called PrEP, this regimen is designed for use by those who are engaged in sexual behaviors which put them at high risk of contracting HIV.
  • Removing “clergy” from a list of trusted adults with whom children should talk about their concerns regarding sex and sexuality
  • No longer teaching that abstinence is the only 100% effective method of preventing sexually transmitted infections or diseases

Bishop Burbidge said, in part:

“This is almost unbelievable...Once we forget the dignity of human persons, the true meaning of sexuality, God’s plan in the way He has created us and taught us to live, of course, it’s going to be taking us down this path. It’s just going to get more and more ridiculous. I worry and I really do pray for our parents… Be vigilant. Be mindful. Find out what your children are being taught and learning…”

On the issue of removing the name of clergy from those trusted adults students can talk to, Bishop Burbidge said:


“What a great insult that our clergy, who give their lives in service to people, to young people, to help them to do what is good and right, might be removed from a list who can be trusted. I take that as a personal insult…”


You can hear Bishop’s full remarks at time code 7:14, on his May 22 podcast.