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August 18, 2022

Catholic Schools in the Diocese of Arlington to Open, Enrollment Increases for Second Year

Schools to Welcome 17,000 Students; more than 9 percent growth in 2 years

ARLINGTON, Va. - The 41 Catholic schools in the Diocese of Arlington are preparing to welcome the Diocese's nearly 17,000 students back to full-time in-person learning for the 2022-23 academic year, which begins August 24. This will mark the second year in which enrollment at Catholic schools in the diocese continued to grow. Coupled with the 7.8 percent increase in the 2021-2022 year, Catholic schools in the diocese have experienced more than 9 percent growth in two years. The 2022-23 academic year enrollment jumped more than 2 percent over last year's numbers. Diocesan schools have expanded their staff, hiring additional teachers and administrators to support the increased enrollment.

“This is a particularly exciting time in Catholic education, as we welcome more students, build off of the many innovations and lessons of recent years, and continue to help our students learn in new and creative ways,” said Dr. Joseph Vorbach, Superintendent of Schools, Catholic Diocese of Arlington. “I am grateful for the great devotion to mission exhibited by Catholic educators in the Diocese and their ongoing commitment to provide joyful, engaging, and student-centered environments for our learners to grow in faith and knowledge.”

"It is parents, we know, who are the first teachers of their children, in all aspects, especially in faith," said Bishop Michael F. Burbidge. "They make very important decisions to whom the entrust their children throughout a school day to be their partner, and I am grateful that they have placed their trust in our schools. I am praying for them and our students as the year begins."

St. Ambrose School in Annandale will be offering Dual Language Spanish Immersion beginning in kindergarten, adding additional grades each year. In partnership with Two-Way Immersion Network for Catholic Schools (TWIN-CS) program at Boston College's Roche Center, St, Ambrose joins a network of more than 40 such schools across the country.  Saint Isidore of Seville Virtual Academy at Queen of Apostles School in Alexandria continues to offer families a fully remote option. Both St. Ambrose and Saint Isidore are still accepting applications for the current academic year.

While most diocesan schools have waiting lists, enrollment is dynamic. Interested families are encouraged to make inquiries with their local Catholic schools. For more information on Catholic schools in the Diocese of Arlington, visit

In keeping with a steady return to normal, with proper protocols in place, diocesan high schools are planning for the fall sports season with football, cross-country, cheerleading, volleyball, and soccer all in preseason preparation now.

Schools in the Diocese of Arlington remain committed to strong school health and safety protocols and will follow Virginia Department of Health guidance as the year begins.

Interested media should contact Diana Sims Snider, Deputy Director of Communications, Catholic Diocese of Arlington, at (703) 841-2587 or