Risk Management Programs

Authorized Drivers

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Risk Management Review

Certificates of Insurance from Contractors and Service Vendors Any entity that does business with the Diocese of Arlington is required to have adequate and proper insurance coverage. This requirement includes minimum policy limit amounts and prescribed financial and stability parameters for the insurance carriers providing the policies. These provisions are in place to ensure that the Diocese does not become financially responsible for any liability created by vendors and others with whom we do business.

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Diocesan Facility Use

The Diocese of Arlington has a facility use insurance policy in place for events held at Diocesan facilities that are hosted or sponsored by the Diocese of Arlington and any of its schools or parishes. A parish or school sponsored event is any gathering that is advertised and promoted by the parish or school, such as a dinner, festival, picnic, bazaar, race, youth car wash, movie night, etc. Gatherings at the church directly following a religious event held at the church, such as baptism or funeral, is covered under the Diocesan policy. Family receptions hosted by non-parish adults for baptisms or funerals not held at the church would not be covered. Non-religious events hosted by independent associations, groups, parents or individuals, such as birthday parties or graduations are not covered. Wedding receptions are specifically excluded and the party hosting the reception must purchase a special event insurance or find another source to provide insurance. Events hosted by the Knights of Columbus or other independent associations such as caterers or third party contractors must provide proof of insurance to use Diocesan property.

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Driving for WorkCamp

Any individual who wishes to drive for WorkCamp must be authorized to drive by the Catholic Diocese of Arlington, Office of Risk Management. While it is possible that a given driver may drive their personal vehicle, it is highly likely that a driver may be asked while at WorkCamp to operate a Diocesan owned or rented vehicle. For this reason, all adults driving for WorkCamp must be authorized drivers to meet the diocesan insurance requirements. Please consult the Authorized Driver web page for more information. Given that driving an unfamiliar vehicle increases the risk for having an accident; extra effort must to be taken to prevent undesirable outcomes during WorkCamp. It is important to take appropriate steps to reduce potential accidents and incidents for the benefit of all involved.

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