SEEF 1440-420 2021 Ordinandi Final

Mission and Vision

MissionThe mission of the Diocese of Arlington Seminarian Education Endowment Fund (SEEF) is to receive and safeguard charitable gifts in support of priestly education for the seminarians of the Diocese of Arlington.  

Vision: The vision of the Endowment is to encourage and foster giving in support of seminarian education by providing a charitable vehicle whose assets are safely, securely and professionally invested with a Catholic conscience. Growth of this endowment will help to provide funding for the educational development of men who have answered the call to serve the people of God through their priestly service.

About the Seminarian Education Endowment Fund

This Endowment is a growing fund to support the education of seminarians.

The Seminarian Education Endowment Fund (SEEF) was created by donors, Bob and Laura Coleman to provide financial support for the education and development of men who have answered the call to serve the people of God through their priestly service. The diocese currently has 50 men studying to become priests at four seminaries in the United States and Europe. 

Every year our diocese invests an average of $45,000 to educate each of our seminarians.

As of July 2021, the value of the Seminarian Education Endowment Fund exceeded $2.5 million.  

“Eventually I hope that the endowment will grow to the point of fully funding all priestly education for our diocese,” said Laura Coleman.


For more information, please download our Seminarian Education Endowment Fund flyer

Why I support SEEF...

"I knew I wanted to support the formation of priests after a seminarian came to my parish to talk about SEEF." -Parishioner, St. Leo the Great Catholic Church


Support the Seminarian Education Endowment Fund:

Gifts in support of this endowment can be made online.



 Checks can be made out to Foundation for CDA with Seminarian Education Endowment or SEEF written on the memo line.

Mailing Address:
Foundation for the Catholic Diocese of Arlington, 
200 N. Glebe Road Suite 811 
Arlington, VA 22203