Frequently Asked Questions about The Foundation

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What is the Foundation for the Catholic Diocese of Arlington?

The Foundation, a 501 (c)(3) public charity, was created in 2011, and operates exclusively for charitable purposes. It is an autonomous organization with the tools, resources, and support to make giving simple and effective.


Why should I donate to the Foundation?

Each of us is called to be a part of the mission of Jesus Christ.  Your contribution to the Foundation for the Diocese of Arlington is a wonderful way to provide for the immediate or long-term financial needs of the diocese, its ministries, parishes and schools, as well as support the mission of the Church and strengthen our Catholic Faith.

Gifts to the Foundation can be made in honor or remembrance of loved ones, friends, colleagues or beloved priests or religious.  Your donation will leave a lasting testimony to their good works, love of God and love of neighbor.


Does the Foundation allow for both restricted and unrestricted gifts?

Yes.  Foundation Endowments are donations held for the long-term support of parishes, schools, diocesan ministries and other entities within the Catholic Diocese of Arlington.  Endowment principal is held in perpetuity while earnings are available for distribution pursuant to the Foundation's spending policy.  Distributions of restricted endowments are limited to a donor specified purpose(s) and/or recipient(s).  Unrestricted endowment distributions may be used at the discretion of the Board. 

Donors are encouraged to contribute to any of our existing Endowment Funds or customize their giving by establishing a new fund. 

The Foundation's Restricted Endowment Funds:
Current restricted funds provide support to diocesan programs including:

  • Seminarian Education and Vocation Programs
  • Operating Endowment
  • Catholic Diocese of Arlington Endowment

This list of funds will grow over time with the establishment of new endowment funds which will benefit:

  • Parishes
  • Catholic Elementary and High Schools along with Faith Formation
  • The Priest Pension Fund and the Care of Retired Priests
  • Specific programs such as Evangelization and Respect Life
  • Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Arlington

The Foundation's Unrestricted Endowment Fund:
This fund generates income to support needs identified by the Foundation Board.

Memorial Funds:
Perpetual funds named in the memory of an individual or family may be restricted to a charitable interest reflected in their life or, be unrestricted.

Scholarship Funds:
Scholarship funds may be established for a specific need or in someone's memory. These funds may have a limited duration such as a period of years or until all funds are used.

What is a Donor Advised Fund (DAF)?

A donor advised fund (DAF) is a type of giving vehicle that allows donors to combine favorable tax benefits with the flexibility to easily support their favorite charities.  DAFs are an excellent way to both simplify charitable giving and facilitate strategic philanthropic goals.  As an alternative to creating a private foundation, DAF donors enjoy administrative convenience, cost savings and tax advantages.

How is the Foundation Managed?

The Foundation for the Catholic Diocese of Arlington's sole member is the Bishop of the Diocese of Arlington.  He is advised by a Board of Directors.  The Board meets quarterly as is required by established bylaws.

The Board of Directors shall consist of no fewer than 3 individuals and no more than 12 individuals.  Ex-officio members of the Board include the Diocesan Finance Officer, Chancellor, and the Moderator of the Curia.


What does the Foundation do with Donations?

The Foundation has the responsibility and authority to invest all donated assets.   It follows an investment policy consistent with the Catholic values and practices recommended by the United States Conference of Bishops (USCCB).  All invested assets are managed by professionals and monitored by the Board following the investment policies of the Foundation. 

The Foundation works primarily with diocesan parishes, schools, ministries and other entities within the Catholic Diocese of Arlington to complement their current development efforts and assist them in securing long-term and strategic philanthropic support.  Assistance to other groups aligned with the tenets of the Roman Catholic Church is provided as needed.


How Can I Donate to the Foundation?

The Foundation can receive outright gifts to facilitate charitable giving (cash, securities and other assets) and/or may help manage an inheritance or charitable investment in a given year for distribution over several years.

Other Property
Non-publicly traded assets, real estate and other assets are accepted on a case by case basis subject to specific Board approval.

Planned Giving
The Foundation may also receive planned gifts such as bequests from a will, a trust and/or a life income agreement.

Endowments and Donor Advised Funds
Forms are available on our website to facilitate contributions to an existing endowment or qualifying Donor Advised Fund (DAF).



Can a particular school or schools be designated to receive my donation to the Diocese of Arlington Scholarship Foundation (DASF)?

No, this tax credit program does not permit DASF Funds to be earmarked to a particular school.

Can I donate marketable securities?

Yes, please contact our office directly at 703-841-3819 for a stock donation form and specific instructions prior to making your donation.