Bishop Burbidge Response FAQs

What are the commitments of Bishop Burbidge and the Diocese with regard to allegations of sexual abuse and protecting God's children?

  • No priest or deacon currently in active ministry have been credibly accused of child sexual abuse.
  • We report EVERY allegation of child sexual abuse to legal authorities.
  • We fully cooperate with their investigation.
  • We have a Review Board that reviews all available evidence collected by the Diocese and legal authorities with regard to allegations of child sexual abuse by clergy. This Board is made up of mostly lay men and women volunteers with professional expertise in areas such as medicine, psychology, law (civil and canonical), counseling and child abuse.
  • All clergy, staff and volunteers who work with children are carefully screened, including background checks.
  • All clergy, staff and volunteers who work with children are trained to identify inappropriate behavior, grooming techniques used by abusers, and how to report suspicious behavior or abuse.
  • Each and every allegation of sexual abuse is taken seriously.

Is Bishop Burbidge willing to meet with victims of sexual abuse?

Bishop Burbidge regularly meets with victims of sexual abuse, some of whom were not abused by members of the clergy or persons associated with the Catholic Church. He continues to welcome the opportunity to meet personally with victims, to hear their stories and to support them in their journey toward healing.