Counseling and Programs for Victim Survivors of Sexual Abuse by Clergy

The Office of Victim Assistance is dedicated to supporting survivors of sexual abuse by clergy. We recognize the journey towards healing begins with a single step and are here to assist you.


Explore Therapeutic Opportunities for Healing and Growth

The Office of Victim Assistance offers recommendations and referrals to mental health professionals trained in the treatment and care of victims/survivors of sexual abuse and trauma. 

To begin exploring your options for therapy, please schedule an appointment with the Victim Assistance Coordinator through at 703-841-2530 or by email at


Discover What Spiritual Counseling Means and How it Could be Helpful for You

The Office of Victim Assistance provides recommendations and referrals to religious and diocesan priests, women religious, and laypersons trained in providing spiritual support to victims/survivors of sexual abuse.  

The Diocese can also connect victims/survivors with other victims/survivors who are willing to share their journey of faith.

If you would like to explore opportunities for spiritual counseling or connect with other victims/survivors, please contact the Victim Assistance Coordinator at 703-841-2530 or by email at



Events for Office of Victim Assistance

We look forward to meeting you at our events. Join us to explore, heal, and make connections with others. Please contact the Victim Assistance Coordinator with any questions.

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