Seminary life

What is Seminary Life Like?

Like a regular institution of higher learning, seminary life is academic and intellectual; there are classes, exams, papers and a whole lot of reading. However, seminary is not just about going to classes to learn theology and how to be a priest. Seminary is more about growing as a whole person. Therefore Chapel time, social time and time spent in service to others is just as important as the courses taken by seminarians.

Seminary life is about growing in your prayer life. Building good habits of prayer is one of the main focuses in seminary. Mass and holy hours are built into the structure of the daily schedule, as well as communal morning prayer and evening prayer.

Seminary life is social and fraternal. A priest must be social; after all, he is ordained for the sake of the people he serves. It is important he learn to be comfortable being himself around others. The brotherly fraternity at the seminary is one of the greatest graces of being there, knowing that every person there is at the seminary for the same singular purpose: to become a priest at the service of Christ and His Church.

Seminary life is challenging. It is meant to stretch and form each individual seminarian to be the best version of themselves for the sake of the people they will one day be called to serve.

Watch "A Day in the Life" of some of our seminarians, and you will realize one certainty about seminary life: it is definitely not boring.