Reverend David Witherow

Mount St. Mary's Seminary
Benedictine College
Holy Trinity Parish

Read about Fr. Witherow's journey tot he priesthood.

What did you do prior to entering seminary?

After graduating with a degree in Theology from Benedictine College in Kansas, I took a job at St. Paul Newman Center at Wichita State University. I worked there as the Student Life Coordinator for 2 years before applying for seminary for the diocese of Arlington.

What influenced your decision to apply for seminary entrance?

God put the question of the priesthood before me in prayer for a long time. Through honesty in prayer and with the help of many friends and mentors who have assisted me with the pursuit of God's will in my life, I decided I must answer the question God has put on my heart by actively discerning the priesthood in seminary.

Why do you want to be a priest?

First, I want to be a priest because that is what I believe God wants me to be. Also, because of the incredible lives of the saints who have fully dedicated their lives singularly to God. The fire of their hearts sparks my desire to do the same.

What are your favorite pastimes?

I love art, in almost every form except the one most often associated with the word. I get nothing from paintings. Film, music, video games, literature, I can spend hours with and I dig deep in each medium. However, I often have to get out of my head and just go for a run as well.

What is your favorite quote?

"Our hearts are restless until they rest in you." - St. Augustine

Who is your favorite Saint and why?

St. Pope John Paul II may have had the biggest influence on my discernment and is very often the saint who charges me with a passion for the priesthood. His life was courageous and showed the attractiveness of an authentic love, for Christ and for the person God puts in front of you.

What advice would you give to a young man thinking about the seminary?

Discernment is not meant to stress you out. You do not have to "figure out" what God is calling you to do with your life. Wait with joyful anticipation for God's invitation and then answer it readily.