Ordination liturgy laying of hands

Ordination in the Catholic Church, properly called Holy Orders, is the means by which a baptized male becomes a deacon, priest or bishop. The essential element is the Prayer of Consecration, asking God for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. For the priesthood and episcopacy, it also includes the Laying on of Hands and Anointing with Sacred Chrism.

Priestly ordination includes the following elements:

The Calling of the Candidates: When all has been prepared, the candidates are called forward by the Deacon of the Call.

The Presentation of the Candidates: The candidates are presented to the bishop by the Diocesan Director of the Office of Vocations.

The Election by the Bishop and the Consent of the People: The congregation expresses its assent to the choice by applause.

The Homily and Instruction: The bishop addresses the people and the candidates on the duties of a priest.

The Examination and Promise of Obedience: The candidates are publicly examined by the bishop concerning their intention to be priests and to fulfill the duties of their office. Each candidate kneels before the bishop, placing his hands within those of the bishop.

The Litany of Supplication: The candidates prostrate themselves as the congregation prays the Litany of the Saints on their behalf. Prostration, which means laying face down before God, is an ancient posture showing both the donation by the candidate of their life to God and His Church, as well as supplication, which is asking God the grace to live his life for God and His Church.

The Laying on of Hands: One by one, the candidates go to the bishop and kneel before him. The bishop lays his hands on the head of each in silence. The laying on of hands and the prayer of ordination which follows constitute the essential elements of the sacrament of Holy Orders. Next, all the priests present lay their hands on the head of each candidate.

Prayer of Ordination: With his hands extended over the candidates, the bishop recites the prayer of ordination, whereby the candidates are ordained priests. At the conclusion of the prayer, the congregation responds by saying: Amen.

Investiture with stole and chasuble: The newly ordained priests remain standing. They are now vested with the stole and chasuble, as symbols of their new office in the Church.

The Anointing of the hands:  The newly ordained priests' hands are anointed with sacred chrism. This symbolizes that it is in these hands that bread will become the Body of Christ and wine the Blood of Christ.

The Presentation of the Gifts: The bishop receives the gifts of bread and wine from the people for the celebration of the Mass. Once the chalice and paten have been prepared, they are brought to the bishop,who presents them to the new priests as they kneel before him.

Fraternal kiss: The bishop stands and gives the fraternal kiss, also known as the sign of peace, to each of the new priests, as do the attending priests. This gesture is a sign of welcome into the Priesthood of Jesus Christ which they all share as brothers. 

The Rite of Diaconate Ordination is similar to that of the Priesthood, with the exception of:

In the Homily, the Bishop addresses the people and the elect on the office of deacon.

In place of the Examination, there is a Promise of the Elect, whereby the candidates, before they are ordained, must declare before the people their intention to undertake this office: to be ordained for the Church's ministry; to discharge the office of deacon with humility and love in order to assist the bishop and the priests and to serve the people of Christ; to hold the mystery of faith with a clear conscience and to proclaim it in word and action as it is taught by the Gospel and the Church's tradition; to live a celibate life as a sign of dedication to Christ the Lord; and to maintain and deepen a spirit of prayer appropriate to his way of life and to celebrate faithfully the Liturgy of the Hours for the Church and the whole world.

Deacons are vested with a stole and dalmatic instead of a chasuble, which is the vestment worn by a deacon.

In the Handing on of the Book of Gospels, the newly ordained deacon goes to the bishop and kneels before him.  The bishop presents the Book of the Gospels to the deacon, saying "Receive the Gospel of Christ, whose herald you have become. Believe what you read, teach what you believe, and practice what you teach."

There is no Anointing of the Hands or Presentation of the Gifts as part of the Rite of Diaconate Ordination. During the Kiss of Peace, the newly ordained are greeted by the other deacons present as a sign of welcome and fraternity within the Order of the Diaconate.