Top 10 ways to promote

Top 10 Ways to Promote Vocations in the Classroom

1. Speak often and speak well of priests and religious, especially the ones in the parish.

2. Have a Vocations Bulletin Board near the door or where the students line up/gather.

3. Pray for vocations everyday… and pray for a specific person by name.

4. Define terms like “vocation,” “discernment,” “religious life,” etc.…help them to remember the terms by using them often.

5. 3Ps: Photos, Pictures, Posters… faces and photos make it more real. (This is true for the saints as well!)

6. Use technology: Share movie clips, stories and links from the internet and Facebook (e.g. Arlington Vocations, Imagine Sisters, Vianney Vocations and many more.)

7. Share a vocation story… and tell it like you would a love story.

8. Invite priests, sisters, and religious to come and visit, and be sure to BUILD UP the visit to make it the most successful possible!

9. Adopt a seminarian, priest, religious brother and or sister… have the students send them cards and messages.

10. Invite each student to personally consider why God created them and invite them to be open to His will.