Application Process Overview

  1. Read through the information below.
  2. Select “Apply Here” above to submit an online application. Paper applications are available and we can also accept applications over the phone.
  3. The application will be reviewed and screened for the program requirements below. 
  4. A program representative will set up an appointment with the resident for an in-home assessment. You will be contacted sometime between October and February.

WorkCamp 2024

WorkCamp home repairs will be made on June 24-27, 2024.
Projects will be completed in and around Winchester,WorkCamp Service Area(1) Virginia. Our areas of service will include:
- Frederick County
- Winchester City
- Clarke County
- Warren County

In limited cases, we may serve residents outside of these areas based on the home being within a 45-minute driving distance from our camp location.

Types of Home Repair

Projects should focus on making residences warmer, safer, and drier. Agreement to perform a repair is determined based on scope, need, and safety of program staff and volunteers. The following chart describes work projects we typically conduct. 

Table project types

We work on single-family homes, mobile homes, and townhomes. We will assess each home and the repairs needed on an individual basis. While we may not be able to do all the repairs requested, we will work with the resident and/or caregivers to determine what the priorities are.

Referrals and Requirements

Most of our referrals come from Social Service Agencies, Community Service Boards, local Churches, and other non-profit organizations. However, an individual is welcome to apply using the same application. The application is available in both English and Spanish.

We serve anyone in the community who is in true need of home repair assistance. As part of our high degree of respect for the privacy of the residents, we do not require any sort of “means test”, such as income, ability level, or religious association to qualify. The fact that they are working with you or that you know they need assistance is enough to qualify for consideration.

Applications for service may be denied for safety reasons including but not limited to the following:

  • Repair requires climbing over one story tall (including decks and roofs)
  • Visible mold in or near the work area
  • The presence of lead-based paint or asbestos in the work area
  • Having unsupervised or unleashed animals on the property while youth are on site
  • Having a registered sex offender living at the address, regardless of his/her presence on the property.


Applications are accepted throughout the year, however, applications received before March 1, 2024 may be considered for WorkCamp 2024. The earlier they are submitted, the more likely they will be selected. Applications submitted after we fill up all project slots for WorkCamp 2024, will automatically be considered for the following summer. 


Home repair services are offered at no cost to either the resident or the referring organization. We provide all supplies and building materials, including building permits. Our crews arrive with the necessary tools, food, water, and needed items to ensure none of the resident's resources are depleted.

Next Steps

The application will be reviewed and screened for the above requirements. Once reviewed, your information* will be provided to one of our Project Managers for an in-home assessment. Feel free to share our flyer with those you believe may also benefit from our program.

*All WorkCamp staff members and volunteers, will clearly identify themselves as a WorkCamp representative. We will always leave a voicemail with a return number. A representative of our program will NEVER ask for money or information about your finances.

WorkCamp and Scripture - Acts 2:42