WorkCamp Online Resources

The resources on this page are intended to assist you with your overall preparation for WorkCamp. If you do not see something that would help you to make WorkCamp a success for your parish and youth, please do not hesitate to contact the Office of Youth, Campus, and Young Adult Ministries at 703-841-2559 to make recommendations or requests.

Parish Preparation

2019 Parish Prep Manual

Stakeholder Covenant


Volunteer Nurse Form

Evening Security Volunteers Form

Volunteer Flier

Authorized Driver Application

Contractor Information (English)

Contractor Flier

Initial Contractor Letter

2017 WorkCamp Herald Article by Bishop Burbidge

Contractor Meeting Directions

Background Check Release

WorkCamp Hotel Block Information

Contractor Information (Spanish)

Contractor Flier (Spanish)

Initial Contractor Letter (Spanish)

Contractor Meeting Directions (Spanish)

Background Check Release (Spanish)

November & December: Publicity And Recruiting

Sample WorkCamp History

WorkCamp Overview (editable)

Sample Parish Meeting Schedule (editable)

Sample Parish WorkCamp Application (editable)

Sample Participant Commitment Form (editable)

January: Commitment To The Team & Fundraising

Steps to Register for WorkCamp - handout

Fundraising Ideas

Sample Fundraising Letters (editable)

2018 Theme TBD

February: Preparing To Serve & Catholic Social Teaching

A Guide to "Sharing Catholic Social Teachings"

A Guide to Justice in Scripture

Works Promoting Justice (a short list)

How to make a "WorkCamp Lunch"

March: Spirituality & Confidentiality

WorkCamp Confidentiality Statement

Confidentiality Quiz (with answer key)

April: Modesty, What To Bring & How To Pack

WorkCamp Packing Checklist (Personal Items & Tools)

Parish List of What to Bring (including Parish Group Tool List - final in May)

Van Rental Information

May: Tool, Site & Homebase Safety

Whatchamacallit? tool quiz

Using Tools Correctly

Here's What I Can Do!

Parish Safety Meeting Checklist

June: WorkCamp, Here We Come!

Getting Mail

Directions to Homebase

WorkCamp 2017 Recap

WorkCamp 2017 Recap