Erin Johnson 2

Name: Erin Rose Johnson
Director of Youth Ministry
St. Veronica Catholic Church
Office Phone:


In current position since: 9/15/2014
Active in Youth Ministry since:

Youth Ministry program includes: IGNITE: Middle School Ministry "Were not our hearts burning within us while He spoke to us on the way?"- Luke 24:32 IGNITE seeks to accompany young people in grades 6-8 on their journey of faith, pointing out the loving works and very near presence of the Lord in their day to day life.    IGNITE gathers on Friday evenings (EXCEPT ON FIRST FRIDAYS) from 7:30pm-9pm in the parish hall. All students in grades 6-8 are encouraged to attend. The evenings include food, music, games, prayer, and faith formation. Each year we also attend BASH a diocesan rally for youth in Middle School as well as offer day retreats and service opportunities. Join us in the summer for Junior High Workcamp, fishing trips, lock-ins and more!     ABLAZE: High School Ministry "I have come to set the earth on fire, and how I wish it were already blazing! "- Luke 12:49 ABLAZE seeks to empower high school students to put their faith into action through evangelization and works of mercy. ABLAZE gathers on Sundays (EXCEPT ON 3RD SUNDAYS). All teens in grades 9-12 are invited to join us from 1:30pm-4:00pm in the John Paul II modular. Our afternoons include faith formation, Eucharistic adoration, service opportunities, games, prayer, and other opportunities to grow in knowledge of our Catholic faith. We regularly go on retreats (Mount 2000, Youth Conferences, etc.) and pilgrimages to local shrines and holy places. We strive to discover how the Lord is inviting us to use our gifts and talents to serve others and spread the Gospel through service opportunities. Field Day-A Great Day to Bring Friends  On the third Sunday of each month, we hold fun events for all youth in grades 6-12 from 1pm-3pm generally in the Parish Hall with a free pizza lunch. These events are a great opportunity for new students to come and meet us! In warm weather, we use our outdoor courts and fields for soccer, football, basketball, or dodge ball, occasionally adding water balloons for a fun twist! In the cold weather, we play indoor games as well as head off-site for laser tag, bowling, and ice skating. RANGERS: A Ministry for Boys - The mission of St. Veronica Ranger Company 712 is to help boys grow into men of character and virtue. Rangers work to cultivate lives rooted in the Catholic Faith of Jesus Christ, service to others, patriotism, and vocational excellence through developing a plan of life, enjoying outdoor activities, learning practical skills, and achieving physical fitness. St. Veronica Ranger Company 712 serves St. Veronica Church in Chantilly, Virginia.

What does it mean to be a St. Veronica Ranger?

●  Appreciating the beauty and intelligibility of God's creation by exploring nature and spending time outdoors        ●  Integrating and living faith in everything that one does, rather than just a Sunday obligation
●  Realizing that the journey towards manhood includes times of difficulty, including discouragement, confusion, and even pain, all of which present opportunities for perseverance and help to build manly character
●  Doing the right thing when you think no one is looking-because God is
●  Learning practical skills so that you can serve others effectively with a spirit of cheerfulness
●  Discerning God's call to a life of service, be it the vocation of husband and father, of the ordained ministry, of the religious life, or of a committed single life in the middle of the world
●  Developing and practicing leadership skills
●  Studying diligently to prepare oneself to serve God, one's family, and society by becoming the finest professional possible
●  Making oneself the “last of all and servant of all”
●  Seeing oneself primarily as a producer, not a consumer; a doer, not a complainer 
●  Developing a life of solid interior piety to enable one to maintain a life of prayer with God and remain always in a state of grace

Youth Orchestra    Youth in grades 5-12 who play brass or string instruments are invited to audition. This vibrant and talented group of young musicians gathers for regular rehearsals on Thursday evenings and provides music for Sunday Mass four times a year. They also share their musical gifts for special Masses and events at the parish and other venues. The Youth Orchestra occasionally accompanies our adult choir and children's choirs.


Favorite Food(s): rice and beans, COFFEE, and chocolate

Favorite Pastime: Candy making, board games and spending time with my Godchildren.

Favorite Saint: Our Lady of Guadalupe, St. Therese

Favorite Scripture: Jeremiah 29:11

Favorite Book: Les Miserables

Birthdate: February 27