Name: Kevin S FloresKFlores2018
Position: Director of High School & College Youth Ministry
Parish: St. Mark
Office Phone:

In current position since: 6/25/2011
Active in Youth Ministry since: 1/7/1985
Youth Ministry program includes: Our high school “Discipleship Sundays” meet Sunday evenings, including a monthly Youth Mass on the first Sunday of every month during the school year. We offer various activities and events for junior high school youth all the way to young adults. From bowling and Christmas Caroling to WorkCamp and Theology on Tap. We have fun during the summer also…including Mass and Breakfast Tuesdays in July and August!

Favorite Food(s): Anything Mexican (not too spicy) / I & O Burger

Favorite Band: Matt Maher - Mariah Carey

Favorite Pastime: Anything in Southern California

Favorite Saint: St. Peter and St. John Paul the Great

Favorite Scripture: John 20:27-29

Favorite Book: except for the Bible, I don't really have a favorite

Why I work in Youth Ministry: I love seeing the youths' "light bulb" become brighter with their understanding of the Catholic faith. Some crave it, for others, it takes a while, but all in God's time.

About Me:
I love the opportunity that God has given to me to evangelize and help the youth understand and witness Christ in the crazy world. Though I still love Southern California and miss living there, I have been blessed to be back here on the East Coast for over a decade and have met many wonderful and very devout Catholic friends. God is good!

Birthdate: August 28