Name: Matias Paniagua-Duran
 Assistant Director of Youth Ministry
 Holy Family
Office Phone:
(571) 565-0396



In current position since: August 2022
Active in Youth Ministry since:

Youth Ministry program includes:  High School Sunday night Ministry and Middle School Monday night Ministry



Favorite Food(s): Empanadas

Favorite Band: Dave Matthews Band

Favorite Pastime: Going to Concerts (especially Dave Matthews Band concerts)

Favorite Saint: Saint Ignatius of Loyola

Favorite Scripture: Matthew 7:7

Favorite Book: Lord of the Flies

Why I work in Youth Ministry: I learned about the faith through Youth Ministry as a 16yr old in High School and fell in love with the faith and owe a lot of my faith journey to Youth Ministry. I see the importance of ministering to the youth and want to give back to them. 


About Me: I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina but moved to America when I was around 2 years old. After graduating High School, I joined a community called Youth Apostles whose mission is to bring youth closer to Christ through Youth Ministry. I started volunteering in Youth Ministry soon after and fell in love with Youth Ministry especially Middle School Ministry. In 2020 I became a 2-year missionary with Youth Apostles and was sent to assist the Youth Ministry program at All Saints. On July 9th , 2022 I made my first initial consecration to Youth Apostles. 

Birthdate: October 15