Name: Theresa Carrescia
 Assistant Director of Faith Formation
St. John the Beloved
Office Phone:
(703) 356-5275





In current position since: 2020
Active in Youth Ministry since:



Favorite Food(s): Anything Italian and/or home cooked

Favorite Band: Favorite Genres, country and rock

Favorite Pastime: Reading

Favorite Saint: Right now....St. Louis and Zelie Martin, will change

Favorite Scripture: "And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us" ~ John 1:14

Favorite Book: Pride and Prejudice

Why I work in Youth Ministry: Jesus has helped me through so much and has answered so many questions for me, I want to help do the same for the teens that I meet and talk to. There are so many questions they have but don't know how Jesus can answer them or even fit into their own lives, if I can help bridge that gap that'd be awesome.

About Me: I grew up in the Arlington Diocese. Love horses and do some work with them including therapeutic riding. Reading is my favorite pastime but you'll find me watching NCIS, Law and Order or other crime tv shows.

Birthdate: March 16