How Can I Get Involved in Youth Ministry

Quick Overview of This Page's Contents

  • Help with your current "Job"
  • Why work in the Diocese of Arlington
  • Looking for volunteers
  • Volunteer opportunities
  • Part-time positions available
  • Full-time positions available

We hesitate to call this the "Jobs" page because youth ministry is so much more than a "job"! However, you get the picture.

Help with your current "job"

If you already are a Director of Youth Ministry in the Catholic Diocese of Arlington, but need help or support with your current job, then please contact us! We are here to help set you up for success in your current job if that is where God is calling you to be.

Why work in the Diocese of Arlington?

The Catholic Diocese of Arlington is a great place to live and be a part of the Church! We are a rapidly growing Diocese with a large number of vocations to the religious life each year. We have parishes in both rural and urban areas to give you an opportunity to do ministry in a variety of settings. Just across the Potomac from Washington D.C., we are close to everything! There are many Universities for continuing education, an endless supply of places to do ministry with youth, and an active social scene!

We recognize that Directors of Youth Ministry require formal training, but also need to feel a part of a community that spends time together in prayer, worship, and socializing. We provide activities to meet each of these needs, as well as help to educate the parishes and pastors about the need for youth ministry, and the need for an allocation of resources for the youth. In addition we provide the large diocesan-wide activities for youth that are too difficult or time consuming to be done by parish Directors of Youth Ministry.

We provide all of this while remaining 100% in line with the teachings of the Catholic Church, and following the framework for Catholic Youth Ministry as set forth by the USCCB in their 1997 document, Renewing the Vision

Looking for Volunteers?

Here are two documents that can help you advertise & interview volunteers for several key positions within your ministry. These  descriptions (descripciónes en Español) are provided in both English and Spanish, and include:

  • General Youth Meeting volunteers
  • Retreat Assistants
  • Service Coordinators
  • Game Leaders
  • Dinner and Snack Point-persons
  • "Theology on Frappe"
  • One-time Event Leaders (Soccer Tourney, King's Dominion, etc.)
  • WorkCamp: Stakeholder, Adult Leaders, Contractors
  • Lock-in Assistants

Volunteer Opportunities

The Office of Youth, Campus, and Young Adult Ministries for the Catholic Diocese of Arlington is actively seeking men and women who feel called to lead youth to Christ through their own example. We are always in great need of volunteers to help lead our programs. The pay is not great, but the retirement benefits are out of this world! Please contact us if you have any gifts that you are willing to share! Our largest events, those that require the most volunteer help, include:

 • Jr. High BASH (every April) - contact Christine Najarian at
 • WorkCamp (in June) - contact Ed Gloninger at
 • RALLY (every October) - contact Christine Najarian at

Please follow our calendar to see the current year's dates for each of these and all of our events. Please contact us if any of the events strike your interest and desire to volunteer! 

Full-Time Positions
none at this time

Part-Time Positions
none at this time

If you feel called to go beyond volunteering and are interested in becoming a full-time paid Director of Youth Ministry at one of the 70 parishes in the Catholic Diocese of Arlington, then please submit a resume and cover letter to:

Office of Youth, Campus, and Young Adult Ministries      
200 North Glebe Road, Suite 540      
Arlington, Virginia 22203 
fax: 703-807-2032

Pastors from the Diocese know that we collect resumes and often contact us for lists of people who have inquired about becoming a Director of Youth Ministry. You may also want to send a resume directly to any of the parishes listing job openings. You may also find additional employment opportunities Diocesan website or