Niru De Silva

Coordinator of Young Adult Ministry

Phone: 703-841-2559

Active in Ministry since: 2012

In this current position since: June 2019

Job description includes: 
Bring the Gospel to all young adults in the Diocese of Arlington!


Favorite Food(s): Chicken Curry or Steak

Favorite Band: Muse

Favorite Pastime: Watching Movies

Favorite Saint: St. Augustine, St. Paul, St. Aquinas

Favorite Scripture: Jeremiah 1:4-10, Romans 10: 1-15

Favorite Book: The Confessions of St. Augustine

Why I work in Ministry
There is nothing I could do to have a greater impact in the world. Don’t believe me? Let’s chat!

About Me
I was born in Manassas,VA to Sri Lankan immigrants. Having been brought up in Buddhist and Catholic backgrounds – I rejected all religion in favor of the more rational choice: atheism. God was unsatisfied with that and over time, called me to convert to the Catholic faith in 2008 at Holy Trinity. I went to the Unviersity of Virginia where I studied Chemistry, but got involved with campus ministry which transofmred my life. As I was changed, I realized that nothing was as important as sharing the Gospel of Jesus with others. This conviction led me to serve as a FOCUS missionary at Columbia for four years and a regional director in the Northeast. I began to hear the Lord call me to Young Adult Ministry in early 2019 and am excited to share my passion and experience for forming missionary disciples with this apostolate! I will be married to my beautiful fiancée, Sarah, in December and can’t wait to see what the Lord has in store for us here in VA!

Birthdate: November 4