Diocesan Scholarship Foundation

Funding for the Diocese of Arlington Scholarship Foundation is provided by individuals or businesses who receive a 65% tax credit for their donation.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Family must complete a financial aid assessment to verify income level.
  • Household income (as defined by the U.S. Census Bureau) cannot exceed 300% of the federal poverty guidelines.
    • For students with disabilities, the household income must be less than 400% of the federal poverty guidelines; student must have a verified IEP.
  • Refer to the current 2024 Federal Poverty Guidelines Worksheet.
  • Applicants must be new to the Diocese of Arlington school system and residents of Virginia.
  • Applicants must be transferring from a public school, or from out of state, or enrolling in kindergarten or first grade.
  • Or, recipient must have received this scholarship in a prior year.

Application Process

  • Submit a financial aid assessment application and all prior year supporting tax documentation.
  • Applications will be completed electronically online.
  • Only one application is required per family.
  • Remit a processing fee.

Diocesan Scholarship Foundation eligibility is verified by the local school and submitted to the Office of Catholic Schools for consideration. The amount awarded from this fund is limited by legislation and cannot exceed tuition cost; but can be supplemented by other tuition assistance funds. Schools will notify families of award decisions.