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Dedicated Single Life

The dedicated single life is a call from God to make a gift of your person to Him and to His Church while still living in the world as a lay person, dedicating your life to service of others and to making the church and the world a better place.

Whenever the church refers to the term single life there seems to be some confusion. By single, we are not referring to dating or the process of finding your future spouse. A dedicated single life refers to a person who has chosen to make a gift of their life to the Lord and to remain unmarried. It is sometimes described as a lay celibate life.

Some people are not called to marriage, they are not called to the priesthood or the religious life, yet this does not mean that they do not have a vocation or have somehow “missed” their calling. God is calling them to make a commitment of their life to Him and His people but not through the sacrament of marriage, religious vows, or Holy Orders.