Adverse Prenatal Diagnosis

Couple to Couple League

 Couple to Couple League "provides Natural Family Planning (NFP) instruction that is both thorough and engaging. You'll learn the Sympto-Thermal Method, a modern, scientific and highly effective way to postpone or achieve pregnancy. With the guidance of a certified teaching couple, you and your fiancé or spouse will benefit from both their knowledge of the method and experience of using NFP in their own marriage. No matter which form of our class you select, you will receive our first-rate program and ongoing support while learning and beyond."
from "Learn NFP from CCL"

To register for classes, visit and click on "Search/Register for Classes."  If you need additional help, please contact the Chapter Coordinator, Len Rice at (703) 222-5121 or the Class Schedule Coordinator, Stan Greer at

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Creighton Model Fertility Method

The Creighton Model relies upon observation and charting of biological markers of a woman's health and fertility to tell the couple when they are naturally fertile and infertile. This system allows the couple to achieve or to avoid pregnancy. 

To find certified Creighton Model teachers in Virginia, visit:  

Other NFP Options

Catholic Women and Couples NFP (CWCNFP)  is a non-profit organization that provides virtual, cost-free, natural family planning classes to all Catholic women and couples. CWCNFP teachers are certified in Billings method NFP but can refer you to other instructors through their partnership with MyCatholicDoctor if you prefer a different method of instruction. Go to to learn more.

Northwest Family Services has been providing effective NFP instruction for 30 years. 

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Leah Hatton, BSN, RN, CPN
Eden's Gift Marquette Method
(678) 389-1352
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Virtual and Basilica of St. Mary, Alexandria (quarterly)
(679) 389-1352 

Additional NFP Programs and Providers. Find a list of Diocesan NFP providers and classes nationwide.