Name: Sarah Ginther

Position:   Director of Youth Ministry

Office Phone:   (703) 777 - 1317 x112


Youth Ministry program includes: Multiple Weekly High School Events, Bi-Monthly Middle School Events, Yearly Retreats, Summer Trips, Arlington Camino, & Ultimate Frisbee


Active in Youth Ministry since:  2005 (volunteer) 2007 (1st job)
In current position since:  July 2011
Why I work in Youth Ministry: Two reasons: 1) My 'Yes' to the Lord lead me into this apostolate and has yet to lead me elsewhere so here I am  2) Seeing a young person begin to grasp the magnitude of God's goodness and love for them is awe-inspiring.  Whether it is a small moment or a big "ah-ha" moment, I love seeing young people know at the core of who they are that God loves them!



Favorite Food(s): I think the 5 love languages missed one -- Chips & Queso!
Favorite Band/Musician:  Thanks to my Mom & Dad mostly Country (Garth, Tim, Kenny, George & Vince just to name a few) 

Favorite Pastime:  Almost all things sports.  A special place for softball -- played growing up and still love it. 
Favorite Saint: Mary, Saint Pope John Paul II, Joan of Arc, & John the Baptist

Favorite Scripture: Romans 12:12 & Exodus 14:14, & Psalm 23

Favorite Book: Redeeming Love (Francine Rivers) & Pope Benedict XVI's "Jesus of Nazareth" series 

Birthdate: 5th November