Mass announcement following wind damage, power outages


Dear Brother Priests,

In light of the severe weather we have experienced over the past two days, and because many parishes may presently be without power, light, heat or water, on behalf of Bishop Burbidge, I ask you to note the following:

  1. If your church and other parish facilities are without power, light, heat or water, use your best judgment regarding decisions to cancel Masses, Confessions and other parish activities.  Remember to avoid allowing parishioners into buildings in which their health or safety would be at risk.
  2. Should it be impossible to celebrate Masses in your parish church this weekend, please encourage parishioners to attend Mass at a nearby parish that does have power, light, heat and water, if possible.
  3. Where it is not possible for parishioners to attend Mass this weekend because their church is not open, and it is not possible to attend Mass at another parish, or they are impeded from travelling from their own homes to church for Mass, you may assure them, that where these conditions apply, Bishop Burbidge dispenses them from the obligation to attend Mass this Sunday.
  4. Please make use of your parish website and all available social media to disseminate this information, and if it is not possible for parishioners to participate at Mass in your church, please ask them to consult the websites and social media of other parishes for information about whether churches are open and what times Mass will be celebrated.
  5. Be sure to report any property damage you have experienced at your church or in other parish facilities to the Office of Risk Management as soon as possible.


Fraternally in the Lord,

Reverend Thomas P. Ferguson
Vicar General and Moderator of the Curia
Catholic Diocese of Arlington