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The Walk Humbly Podcast - Episode 85

Pope Francis on pets, March for Life, MLK Day and more!

January 11, 2022


In this week's episode of the Walk Humbly Podcast, Bishop Burbidge shares his thoughts on:

  • The recent approval by the FDA for abortifacients (drugs that force a woman's body to miscarry her baby) soon to be able to be dispensed via “telemedicine”
  • Some exciting news around the March for Life and more about upcoming pro-life events throughout the Diocese, including Life Is VERY Good and Defending Life Day
  • Feedback received from pastors about the faithful's experience of the Forty Hours Devotions taking place throughout the Diocese
  • Whether or not COVID-19 variants impact Christmas Masses
  • How the faithful can help rebuilding efforts in the Midwest following the recent tornadoes
    Looking forward to 2022

Bishop Burbidge answers the following question from the faithful:

  • I hear we are ordaining several priests this June. What is their final semester in seminary typically like as they approach ordination?

Show Notes:

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