Bishop Burbidge's statement in honor of Veterans Day

On Nov. 11, we honor all men and women who have served and protected our great nation in the U.S. armed forces. In 1919, President Woodrow Wilson named this day “Armistice Day” to celebrate those who fought in World War I. Thirty-five years later, President Dwight D. Eisenhower renamed the observance “Veterans Day,” recognizing veterans throughout our country's history. Today, amid so much turmoil in the world, we continue to thank military veterans for their patriotism, sacrifices and courage.

Approximately 780,000 veterans live in Virginia. These men and women have helped safeguard our nation, many at great physical and emotional cost. They and their families have made tremendous sacrifices to keep us safe and defend our Constitution, guarding all the precious freedoms we enjoy. Our very ability to celebrate this day reflects their commitment to the protection of our liberty.

Our veterans provide noble examples of lives devoted to humble service for the greater good. Our gratitude for their selflessness should not be limited to a single day. Rather, we should be renewed every day to respect the sacrifices of veterans by becoming instruments of peace in our world.

We pray for Our Lord's protection over all veterans who have put themselves in harm's way for the security of our country. Through the intercession of Mary, Queen of Peace, may God continue to bless America.