• Build a Culture of Vocations in your parish

How can I promote vocations in my parish?

If the family is the domestic Church, the parish is the local Church, where children and young people encounter Christ Himself in the Eucharist. Many of them receive their religious formation in the parish, and witness lives of faithful discipleship in the priests and others who work there.

Parish communities support vocations in a number of ways: praying for them, spreading the word about vocations events, and including instruction on vocational discernment in their religious education programs. Many parishes also financially support seminarians.

Vocations are everybody’s business, and there are many ways to get involved in the vocations ministry at your parish.

Resources for promoting vocations in your parish

Parish Vocation Liaisons

Every parish is encouraged to have a liaison with the Office of Vocations to assist the pastor as he would like in the promotion of vocations. Find PVL resources here.

Directors of Religious Education

Great resources for the parish DRE or CRE.

Tips for building a culture of vocations in your parish

The top 10 ways to promote vocations in your parish and more.

The priest as vocation promoter

Pastors and priests are key to young people opening themselves to the idea of a life totally dedicated to God. We are grateful for your collaboration, and offer some resources for you.

Altar Server Coordinators

Build your team for the Battle of the Servers!

Bulletin Blurbs about Vocations

A weekly list of vocational reflections to coincide with the Sunday Gospel.

Boletín de Propaganda de Vocaciones

Una lista semanal de reflexiones vocacionales que coinciden con el Evangelio dominical, en español.

Vocations General Intercessions

A weekly list of general intercessions for vocations to coincide with the Sunday Gospel.

General Intercessions about Vocations (Spanish)

Una lista semanal de intercesiones vocacionales que coinciden con el Evangelio dominical, en español.


Holy Hour for Vocations

All you need to organize or pray a Holy Hour for vocations.

Hora Santa por las vocaciones

Todo lo que necesitas para rezar una Hora Santa por las vocaciones. Folletos descargables.

Vocations Stations of the Cross

Downloadable booklets for the Stations of the Cross for Vocations. A great Lenten activity!

Estaciones de la Cruz por las Vocaciones

Folletos descargables para las Estaciones de la Cruz por las Vocaciones. ¡Una gran actividad cuaresmal!

Crucifix small

Vocations Crucifix Program

A great program for parishes or schools to foster prayers for vocations.

Programa de Crucifijo Vocacional

Un gran programa para que las parroquias y las escuelas fomenten las oraciones por las vocaciones.