Ministry for Adult Children of Divorce

It is good that you are here. Dealing with our parents' divorce is not easy, but confronting this wound with faith can allow us to find great healing. We hope that you will become part of our supportive community and receive the many graces available through this ministry.  Welcome.

On-Going Support

Once or twice a year, we offer a free support group or book club to provide on-going help for adult children of divorce. We have offered support groups around the Mother's Day-Father's Day and Christmas seasons, and previous book clubs read through Between Two Worlds, by Elizabeth Marquardt, as well as Primal Loss: The Now-Adult Children of Divorce Speak, edited by Leila Miller. Stay tuned for more groups and clubs in the future.

Further Reading

Please follow the links below for further reading. The first document is a list of books and podcasts which are more specific to the wound of parental divorce. The second is a list of more general spiritual writings which will be just as helpful in your journey.

Reading List for Adult Children of Divorce

Spiritual Writings for Adult Children of Divorce

Larger Community

We are proud to be the Arlington Chapter of Life-Giving Wounds: Catholic Ministry to Adult Children of Divorce. We encourage you to get connected to the larger community of adult children of divorce who are seeking healing by following them here: and