Chinese Catholic Community

Our diocesan Chinese Catholic Community is small, but continues to grow, with a strong youth presence in annual events locally and globally. 

For more information about the Chinese Catholic Community, please contact our office.

Prayer meetings take place the third Sunday of every month at the Church of the Nativity, from 7:15 pm to 9:00 pm. Social time to follow. 

阿灵顿教区的多元文化事工部门成立了主教管区的华人天主教团体。为学习信仰和分享灵性感悟,一些来自本教区的华人天主教家庭相聚每月开办华语祈祷会。这个团体的聚会地点在Burke的Church of the Nativity (地址:6400 Nativity Lane, Burke, VA)。欢迎所有华人天主教友参与每月第三个周六的祈祷会,时间为晚上7:15 到9:15。第一次祈祷会定于11月18日(周六)。我们会有粤语/国语圣歌颂赞、玫瑰经祈祷、特殊意向祈祷以及圣经分享。如需更多讯息,请联络Joe Moy (电话703-698-0482)或者Diana Huynh (电话703-250-4760)。

Our Lady of Peking

Chinese Catholic Community

Join the growing Chinese Catholic population in the Diocese of Arlington. See what they have planned and get involved!

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