• Get to know the seminarians, priests and religious in our diocese

Meet Our Seminarians, Priests and Religious

It can be easy to think that our seminarians, priests, brothers and sisters have always been the way they are now: wearing a habit or collar, and prayerfully striving for holiness. They were not born that way! It’s been their collaboration with God that has brought them from all different paths to be the men and women He created them to be.

Take some time to read a little of their stories: the sports fanatic, engineer, writer, soldier, and more.

(We will be adding more stories as we get them. To access videos of religious sisters, get the CMSWR app.)


Over the course of my two years in college my desire for the priesthood gradually increased. I knew by the end of my second year I would have to commit my summers and the duration of college to the Air Force and then serve at least four years in the service, so I had to make a decision … It got to the point where I had to switch tracks in earnest.