Ordinations to the Priesthood and Transitional Diaconate

The ordination of men to the priesthood and diaconate is a very exciting event for our diocese. Properly called Holy Orders, ordination is the means by which a Catholic baptized male becomes a deacon, priest or bishop. Every year the Diocese of Arlington celebrates Masses of Ordination to the priesthood and transitional diaconate (in early summer) and permanent diaconate (in January) at the Cathedral of St. Thomas More, and all the faithful are invited to attend.

We the faithful celebrate these ordinations because these new priests and deacons make Christ present and the sacraments more available. The ordinations show us that the Holy Spirit is working in the hearts and minds of the people of the diocese, stirring up in men’s hearts the desire to follow and imitate Christ. An ordination may mark the end of formation, but it is also the beginning of life as a priest or deacon: a life of generous service to the faithful of the diocese.

Learn more below about the candidates for ordination, the path they've followed to this point, as well as all that goes into these ceremonies. You can also attend one of their first Masses. Come join in these celebrations and give thanks to God!

Ordination Events and Coverage

Transitional Diaconate Ordination: Saturday June 1

Bishop Burbidge ordained Peter Michael McShurley, Joseph Francis Moschetto and Charles Christopher Pavlick to the transitional diaconate on Saturday June 1, an important step in their formation as future priests of our diocese. 

See coverage from the Arlington Catholic Herald for the 2019 diaconate ordinations.

Diaconate Ordination 2019

Holy Hour before Priestly Ordination: Friday June 7

There was a holy hour held to pray for our soon-to-be ordained priests of the Diocese on Friday, June 7, 2019.

A holy hour for their intentions was held from 7:30 to 8:30 p.m. on Friday, June 7 at the Cathedral of St. Thomas More in Arlington, followed by a light reception.

This holy hour included exposition of the Blessed Sacrament, a reflection or meditation, intercessory prayers and litanies for the men to be ordained, and benediction. All ordinandi were present and Bishop Michael F. Burbidge, Bishop of Arlington, presided.

Priesthood Ordination: Saturday June 8

The beauty and power of the Sacrament of Ordination was tangible on Saturday June 8 when Bishop Burbidge ordained now-Fathers Nicholas Blank, Edouard Guilloux, Sean Koehr and Will Nyce. The ceremony was at 11:00 a.m. on Saturday, June 8 at the Cathedral of St. Thomas More in Arlington. Arlington Bishop Michael F. Burbidge was the celebrant and conferred the Sacrament of Holy Orders on these four men.

See coverage from the Arlington Catholic Herald for the 2019 priesthood ordinations.

Catholic Diocese of Arlington Ordination to the Priesthood 2019


Meet our newly ordained priests

Meet our newly-ordained Deacons

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Schedule of all First Masses

Come to the "first Mass" of one of our newly-ordained priests or deacons.

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Ordination laying of hands new vestments

What happens at an ordination?

The Rites of Ordination to the priesthood and diaconate are rich and meaningful. Read about the different elements.

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Stages of Priestly Formation

Formation, as the Church understands it, is not equivalent to a secular sense of schooling or, even less, job training. Formation is first and foremost cooperation with the grace of God.

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