7 Churches

On Holy Thursday, people throughout our Diocese enter into this pilgrimage of remaining with Jesus in the garden. The 7 Churches Pilgrimage is an opportunity to connect with a venerated tradition of the Church in a new way! Created by the Diocese of Arlington Young Adult Ministry, this pilgrimage weaves together passages from all four Gospels to take you through the narrative of Jesus' time in the garden of Gethsemane.

How to go on Pilgrimage

The 7 Churches pilgrimage is a self-guided pilgrimage that you may do on your own or with a group. Contact your local young adult parish group to see if they are organizing a group! The resource will be available for digital download and you can use it to assist your time in prayer on the evening of Holy Thursday. We've worked with over 35 parishes to list the times they are available for prayer. We have also created 6 suggested pilgrimage routes and created an interactive Google Map which you can access from the guide to make travel easy. All you need to do is select the route you want to go on, find some friends, take the guide and enjoy your time of pilgrimage!

Questions? E-mail yam@arlingtondiocese.org

Check back soon for chapel location and times!


Instructions for Google Map

  • In the app, click “View map legend” and un-check routes until only your desired route remains.
  • Hit the back arrow at the top to return to the map. DO NOT select close - it will exit from the routes.
  • Click the icon for the parish you want to navigate to. Select “Directions” then “Start” to begin navigation. Do this for each parish as you travel.