Jay CuasayName: Jay Cuasay
Position: Director of Christian Formation
Parish: Christ the Redeemer
Office Phone:
703-430-0811 x130

In current position since: 3/1/2006
Active in Youth Ministry since: 8/1/2001
Youth Ministry program includes: Primarily centered around Confirmation Preparation with Grades 7-12 with alternating Youth activities on and offsite. Youth are active in direct service activities, smaller youth trips, youth choir, emerging youth leadership, and volunteer services

Favorite Food(s): Filipino, Ethiopian, Indian

Favorite Band: Phox

Favorite Pastime: Running, being outdoors

Favorite Saint: St. Paul

Favorite Scripture: John 6:39

Favorite Book: Wampters, Foma, and Granfalloons

Why I work in Youth Ministry: Similar to my work with the RCIA, I want those who are fully initiated in the faith to continue forward with a mature commitment to living out their faith and to know that they will always have a home in the church.

About Me:
I am in an interfaith Jewish Christian marriage. I have one daughter with us and one son with God.

Birthdate: December 11